Zorkamart.com is an online shopping for Indian women which provides ethnic wear for women i.e wearable clothing for next generation. We believe that fashion is something that comes from within you and even if fashion fades, style is eternal. We see beyond makeup & expensive shoes, we believe in style, we believe in two things [...]

Do Clothes Define Your Ethnicity?

Ethnic Clothes in Black: We are just trying to put the legacy forward with an affordable price. The ethnic wear is a perfect example of how it has done a major comeback. We know that the Favorited pick of today is ethnic Suits. Investing in Ethnics is a very good idea. I am a girl [...]

7 types of sunglasses men can flaunt this season!!

Fashion accessories have attained great heights and craze over typical clothes. From accessories to shoes and even handbags. Beside these men have special fondness for sunglasses. Winters are upcoming so are the new fashion Following are the new styles and fashionable types of sunglasses that can give you that trendy and super cool look. #1.  [...]

Men-How can you wear blue shoes on different occasions!!

Feeling a Little Blue These days when we here the term “Dress Code”. We almost associate it with workplace rules. According to a research blue is one of the most popular colors, especially between men. Blue is considered to be the color of peace and serenity. I heard a very beautiful quote by someone that [...]

Confused? What to Wear for Your Best Friend’s Wedding Ceremony

Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai! From clicking Photos I weird pose to last bench masti, making funny mimicry of teachers to feeling the aftereffects for the breakup there are many such memories that are associated with your best friend. Very soon the childhood pals will go and start a new life with someone else, leaving [...]

The Crazy Fashion Freak!!

Well frankly, there is no one who gets up and starts singing that wow! It’s Monday. For those office going girls who are looking for fashion compilations. Here’s a list of your favourite fashion that meets the need of today’s Professional world. Today in fashion industry many fashion designers only concentrate on few patterns. Whereas [...]