7 types of sunglasses men can flaunt this season!!

Fashion accessories have attained great heights and craze over typical clothes. From accessories to shoes and even handbags. Beside these men have special fondness for sunglasses. Winters are upcoming so are the new fashion

Following are the new styles and fashionable types of sunglasses that can give you that trendy and super cool look.

#1.  Multicolor look:

Multicolor glares have given a rise to the fashion market. These glasses are not at all gender specific. You can even adorn girls wearing them. Look best when paired with semi- formals. Men can make most use of it during vacations or holidays.

#2. Blue Glares:

Flaunting your blue glares is a style statement which gives you that cool look. Thee are now considered as HALLMARK glasses for men. These give out a cool vibe. Denims, white shirts, hoody sweatshirts are some styles which suits blue sunglasses.


#3. Wayfarers:

These sunglasses still exist in the fashion market. They are still on the buying list. These are also unisex pick, as we cannot tag them under one single gender. Easygoing, defined in shape, color is what is making it still floating in the market.

#4.  Aviators:

Aviators have created a fashion sensation in all. It gives or creates a WOW factor with your dressing style. It flaunts your OOOHHHSSS and AAAHHHSSS. This vacation tries and experiment your aviator look.

#5. Rounded glares:

These remind us to decade old “Gandhi” specs which were the ones more talked about. And somehow the retro style is back into fashion town. Elegant and masculine are best carried for business trips and formal gestures.

#6. Biking Wraparound:

They have a cool dude image to reveal and appeal, easy to flaunt. These wraparounds are fun to wear on any occasions. But boys prefer or love to wear it when showing their “biker skills”.

#7. Square frame glares:

Master the art of square glares. Simply put it on during long hours of driving or a get together. Its style and easy structure makes it a must buy.

With these trends in sunglasses for men outshine and create your own fashion and easy to pick the best. Keep your style sensible and cool. Buy sunglasses keeping in mind your complexion, face shape and your love for frames. So men it’s time to wear on your best fashion accessory and let others fall before you.


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